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Pearson eLibrary

Pearson eLibrary is a comprehensive digital learning solution to empower learners across all disciplines.
They can now access their course books as per their convenience, from anywhere, on any device.

An end-to-end solution that helps deliver an analytics driven personalized learning experience.

Seamless learning experience

A wide collection of
eBooks just a click away

Have a hassle free study
material anywhere you like

Open your world of
knowledge on any device

No physical boundary or time
bound to gain knowledge

Uninterrupted learning
at all times

Voice notes, highlights, flashcards
and more for quick revision

Empower your students with smart learning experience

Find any title, Indian or Global,
on your fingertips

Find the most relevant and up to
date content to meet your needs

Analytics driven system
generated insights

Easy integration with your
eLearning platform

Pick and choose as per
your requirement

Choose from 'Campus only access'
or 'Anywhere access'

Disciplines offered

A comprehensive repository of study resources for learners across all disciplines


Humanities & Social Sciences

Business Management

Nursing & Personal Development

New Age Technologies

Business & Economics

Science & Mathematics

Exam Preparation (Competitive)

English Language

And many more...


Our students were quite happy with the e-Books, mainly because it accommodates many style of learning and the search feature is an unbeatable concept. Our librarians are equally satisfied because of the reduced storage space and cost-effective idea.

Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal, Deputy Librarian,
Symbiosis International, Pune

Our academicians and students are using the eResources introduced by Pearson in our campus.The e-Library is an extremely helpful tool for knowledge dissemination and gives a virtual world feeling to the reader. The searchable text option is a thoughtful innovation, that leads you to a particular section of the book without having to flip through pages. Learning has definitely come a long way.

Nilesh N Soni,
Librarian, Saurashtra University

Pearson publishes premier quality Information Resources. This sources provides in depth knowledge of the subject area which enable and facilitate teachers, research scholars and students in their learning and research process.

Dr. Meeta Rathod Vansadia,
Librarian, BRCM College of Business Administration, Surat

Pearson has been very attentive and helpful from the beginning. Our college was able to find exactly what I needed in time and I am very satisfied with our library collection today. My sincere appreciation to the Pearson team for regular interactions and training programmes. We look forward to a great future together.

Dr. N. Padma,
SPB College, Surat

We have been using Pearson eLibrary since March 2018. It is one of the best eBook platform and useful to our students as well as faculty members.

Dr. Avijit Dutta,
Librarian, Midnapore College

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On login page, there is a link to ‘Trouble logging in’. You can click on this link, enter your registered email id and you’ll receive a link to reset your password. If the issue persists, you may call us at 1800-1234-63512 (toll free) or fill the form here

For any technical issues or product support, please call us at 1800-1234-63512 (toll free) or fill the form here

Yes, but you can open 1 e-book at a time.

Yes, Internet connection is required for accessing the e-book through the web. However, from Desktop or Mobile app, you can read them offline (once downloaded).

Yes, we can restrict access to specified IPs.

The access is limited till the time student/ faculty is enrolled with the institute.

please feel free to reach out to us at

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